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March in the Moorestown 4th of July Parade

All Civic and Community Groups are welcome to march in the Parade, free of charge. Please register ahead of time -- our line-up is pre-planned and the staging area is orchestrated into four quadrants. 

  • Veterans: We have a place of honor for you on our Veterans Float!

  • Classic Cars and other Enthusiast Vehicles: Sometimes we group you up, sometimes we spread you around, depends on what you are! Let us know ahead of time so we can assign you the best spot.

  • Civic and Community Groups: Scouts, clubs, theater groups, neighborhood associations, cultural centers, and more. Bring the gang, dress up or decorate a vehicle, and join the parade!

  • Kids on Bikes! Kids are encouraged to decorate their bikes, scooters, wagons, or whatever, and march as a group in the Parade. Safety first: Helmets and a responsible adult are required.

Parade Staples:

  • Color Guard: The color guard and the American flag opens the parade. 

  • Citizen of the Year: Moorestown's Citizen of the Year rides in style, followed by as many past Citizens of the Year as are available. Moorestown's Citizen of the Year is administered by the Moorestown Service Club Council

  • Poster Contest winners: Top winners of the Parade's Poster Contest ride in style! 

  • Parade Committee Float: The "Deuce and a Half" truck driven by our Committee Chair will bring up the rear and close out the Parade!

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